Word on the Street: A better start with Street UK

Aiden is only a few months old, but he already knows a little help goes a long way. His mum and dad, Ashley and Dave, came to Street UK a few months before he was born, looking for a loan to help them set everything up for Aiden’s arrival – from baby grows to sterilizers and everything else to make Aiden’s early days in this world smooth and comfortable.

Ashley and Dave saw an advert on the bus, and because the branch was near they decided to stop by. It was a good surprise, they found the staff friendly and helpful and took their first loan. ‘I think Street UK is a really good company’ said Dave.

When they made a transition from Job Seekers Allowance to Income Support, added Dave, Street UK was very understanding, explaining  how to clear arrears by increasing payments even by small amounts.

Aiden is growing fast and will soon be running around and Street UK is here, for whenever he (or his parents!) need a little support for, after all, stories like this are what makes us happy.

*Names were changed for privacy