How and where to sell your leftover clutter

The children are back at school, and it’s almost time to bring the winter clothes down and put the summer stuff away. For those who skipped the ‘spring cleaning’ this is the perfect chance to declutter their homes, and those that do may be finding that they have, well… a lot of clutter.

How and where to sell your leftover clutter

If you, like many people, have found yourself with a growing pile in the corner of your bedroom of stuff that you know you’re never going to use again, but which isn’t really suitable for a charity store, we may have just the answer.

Here is a collection of sites that will help you save or earn money, either by buying your old possessions, or by exchanging them for something you might actually use. These sites provide a more specific and often better paying alternative to large sites such as Amazon or Ebay, and often have a more logical pricing system.

  • Mazuma Mobile will buy any phones or tablets you’re looking to get rid of for a reliable price. For example, someone looking to get rid of a working, unlocked iPhone 5s could get £105 in return (a brand new iPhone 5s is currently £129).
  • Music Magpie will buy your old games, CDs, or DVDs, provided they still work. It guarantees that the money will be in your account the day after they receive your goods.
  • WeBuyBooks is a website that buys your old books (surprise), as well as DVDs, CDs and games. Each book needs to be worth at least five pounds, and they also have a guarantee of payment the day the books arrive. While they will take any books, prospective sellers might want to have a look at their list of currently preferred genres
  • Poshmark and Twice are both apps which will let you sell your old clothes. Poshmark requires more work on your side – you have to photograph your items, arrange your account and ship your clothes yourself, but the clothes sold tend to sell for a higher price. Twice usually sells at a lower price, but all you need to do is send your clothes off to the company, who will photograph, arrange and advertise your stock for you.
  • For anyone out there who was recently a child, or anyone who has hoarded their childhood toys, Brian’s Toys is a website which will buy old toys (preferably branded). The site is American, meaning that sellers from the UK may have to wait a while before they get paid, and may want to be wary of exchange rates, but once converted, the prices are very reasonable.