How to save money on broadband and landline bills

Many of us often forget we even have a landline phone, and with the broadband often attached to the same contract, the bills just keep coming and we pay without looking into it too much. But there are ways we can save money on those bills and we’ve put together a list for you.

Save money on broadband and landline bills


According to uSwitch, the average household can save £69 on their broadband bills by switching phone and broadband provider when their contract ends. That’s because many discounts and offers are only valid for the duration of the contract, and once it expires customers can see their monthly bills increase by an average of 89%.

When your contract ends, compare the best deals on multiple comparison websites and find the best deal for your needs – be careful not to buy a package with more data than you need or one with less data in which you’ll have to pay for overusing.

Check out this guide on the basic things you need to know when switching your broadband and landline provider.

Or haggle with your current provider

When your contract expires, call your provider and ask for a better deal. Tell the competition is offering better packages. If that doesn’t work, say you are considering leaving. They will put you through to the retentions department, who might offer you a better deal.

Bundle up

If you need landline, TV and broadband, the best option is to get a bundle deal, as providers often offer big savings for packages.

A way to pay

Set up direct debit for broadband and phone bills, this can save you up to £5 a month in handling fees and it means you won’t forget to pay.

Call me maybe – but save on that too

Check the prices for calls at different times of the day – suppliers have peak call times when they charge more, and you can avoid these times.

For international calls, VoIP services such as Skype can cost much less than phone calls. And if who you’re calling also has Skype, the call is free. If both you and the person you’re calling have Apple devices, you can use Facetime for voice or video calls for free too. But note both of those services need an internet connection.

When calling a company, avoid the 0870 numbers, go to SayNoto0870 to find a geographic rate or free alternative numbers for the company.