Pay Weekly Loans

A pay weekly loan may be the perfect way to get your finances in order. Our loan calculator shows weekly repayments to ensure you can afford your loan. We recommend you complete a budget calculator before starting your loan application.

With a Street UK pay weekly loan, you’ll allow yourself to choose the length of repayment depending on your loan amount, from 26 weeks to 18 months. We offer pay weekly loans from £200-£2000 and offer some of the most competitive rates on the market.

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Pay Weekly Loans from a Direct Lender

Street UK operates as an ethical and responsible direct loan lender. We maintain transparency with our customers, even if they’ve been rejected by other loan providers. People with bad credit are welcome to apply for a Street UK loan, as we take more into consideration than just credit scores. Check out our calculator below to discover what you could borrow:

Pay Weekly Loans

Affordable and Pay Weekly Loans from £200 – £2000

Pay Weekly Loans
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4 steps to your loan

4 Steps To Your Loan

Why choose Street UK?

As an ethical lender, we serve those who struggle to get credit from mainstream lenders. Our prices are fair and responsible, and we only charge what we need to cover our costs. 

Street UK can also offer more affordable loans compared to our direct competitors and we are extremely transparent in the way we operate.  

We offer more than just loans and believe as a lender we have a duty of care. The advice and support sections of our website cover debt advice, support and resources as well as a handy benefits calculator so people can check if they are entitled to any benefits, even those with bad credit. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can you get a pay weekly loan if you’ve got bad credit? 

Yes. Using a pay weekly loan service when you’ve got bad credit may be one of your only options. We take more than just your credit score into account; we use indicating factors to provide a fair overview of what you can afford to pay back.  

As a direct, ethical, and responsible lender we have a duty of care to the customers we’re supplying weekly loans to. You can find out more about our responsible lending practices here.