Software Services

Street UK provides its streetSERVE system to financial institutions throughout the UK. Our system is a complete loan administration and systems support application, it is highly functional, adaptable and easily integrated to existing systems.

The system can be accessed via a web interface – online access allows you to use the full functionality of the system to enter and process data (hosted on our servers) – or it can be a stand-alone system.

streetSERVE covers the complete lifecycle of the loan, from client enquiry through to application, underwriting, agreement, collections and redemption.

The system is compliant with current Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations for secured/unsecured personal loans, 1st and 2nd charge mortgages and fund management services.

All documentation is individually branded and can be provided with customised scripts.

The key features of streetSERVE are:

  • -Covers Personal , Enterprise, Home Finance
  • -Used for Peer to Peer lending
  • -Manage loans through complete life cycle
  • -Complete data capture and analysis
  • -Advanced Arrears Management console
  • -Integrated workflow procedures
  • -Periodic, KPi, Financial and Bespoke Reporting
  • -User level security
  • -Administer Land Registry requests
  • -FCA Compliant
  • -Diary and Workflow module
  • -Single or multi-product environment available
  • -Customisable features

The system is designed to meet the challenges of the current markets and provide innovative and effective solutions which will have a positive impact on your business.

Key benefits of streetSERVE:

  • -Comprehensive data capture
  • -Arrears management console to help reduce delinquency
  • -Cost and time effective processing
  • -Workflow management reporting
  • -Accounts and company summary reporting
  • -Reduces loan end-to-end processing time
  • -Analyse behavioural trends in the portfolio

Using streetSERVE allows you to streamline and co-ordinate activities of different departments resulting in greater efficiency.