Our favourite money saving blogs

If you, like us at Street UK, are obsessed with money saving tips, you will love this list. We have put together 5 of our favourite money saving blogs to make sure you never miss out on the best tips!

1 – Thinking Thrifty

Best Money Saving Blogs - Thinking Thrifty

David won the Best New Blog Award at The 2016 Shomo Awards, and we couldn’t agree more with the choice. We like the mix of useful tips presented in a light hearted manner (like on this post about what he learned from Friends characters) and well researched posts about personal finance and fintech (check out his post about cashless society).

2 – Savvy Woman

On Savvy Woman‘s blog you can find out about anything related to money – from how to save money on your wedding to how to start investing, all written in a very no-nonsense way. Sarah also has videos that answer difficult questions quickly and clearly.

3 – Skint Dad

Best Money Saving Blogs - Skint Dad

The way this blog is organised just makes so much sense! You can easily find what you’re looking for and the tips are realistic and often, tried and approved by Ricky and Naomi themselves. Check out the How I plan my supermarket shop and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Besides the blog, they also run a group called Reduce your Supermarket Spend on Facebook where people from all over the UK share share supermarket shopping tips, budget recipe ideas, food hacks and offers from all UK supermarkets.

 4 – Money Magpie

Best Money Saving Blogs - Money Magpie

What we like the most about Money Magpie are all the money making tips. It’s easy to focus on saving, but if you have nothing to save, then that doesn’t make sense. Money Magpie’s money making tips go beyond the ‘sell your old CD’s’, they vary from quick money opportunities such as making money as film extra, to life changing solutions such as small business ideas.

5 – The Diary of a Frugal Family

Best Money Saving Blogs - The Diary of a Frugal Famikly

Now, if you have children, this is just the blog for you. We believe it is very important to teach your kids about money from an early age, and on this blog you can find awesome tips on how to do that. But that’s not everything – we all know how hard budgeting with kids can be, so Cass doesn’t shy away from this reality, she writes posts about frugal food, meal planning and even birthday ideas that won’t break the bank.