How to enjoy your summer within your budget

Summer’s finally arrived, and while everyone’s enjoying the (mostly) sunny days, those of us living on a budget may be feeling as though we’re going to have difficulty getting the most out of the summer months without making a worrying hole in our wallet.

Street UK - How to save money in the Summer

Luckily, there are still plenty of cheap or free ways to enjoy summer. Take a look at our top five ways to spend a summer day on a budget – the links are specific to a Birmingham summer, but the tips will work any time, any place.

1 – Spend a day at the Library

If you’re someone that enjoys reading and writing, head over to your local library and spend a day finding yourself a new favourite author. While some libraries may charge for a membership, they won’t charge for entry and many, such as the Library of Birmingham, also host a variety of free exhibitions and talks such as this.

2 – Check out an art exhibition or a concert

Anyone who was interested in the library exhibitions we just mentioned, but couldn’t find anything that seemed exactly right for them might want to check out this list of Birmingham exhibitions, many of which are totally free. If you’re more of a music fan, try having a look at this page of free events coming up at the Symphony Hall.

3 – Explore a market

Living on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t ever go shopping – and even if you really can’t afford to spend anything, visiting a market is always fun. Birmingham has three Bull Ring markets – Indoor, Open, and the Rag Market, and a quick search online will reveal many more.

4 – Have a picnic in the park

There’s no need to spend money on restaurant reservations or theatre tickets to have a great day out – simply prepare some tasty sandwiches at home, bring your favourite blanket and visit your local park. If you want, you can look online to see if your local park hosts any events such as these fun, free concerts, or get a bit more active with a cycling event.

5 – Eat out cheaply

This is more of a year-round tip, but it’s worth noting that with a little searching and hard work, you can find many restaurants and cafes that offer great prices. Or, you could just check out this list, which has been helpfully compiled by the Guardian.