Christmas Savings – the pro guide to keeping your pockets safe this Christmas

We’re now comfortably into November. The TV adverts have started and the decorations are sneaking up everywhere…

Money saving tips for this Christmas

Yes, Christmas is well on its way, no we cannot avoid it. A time for joy, merriment, shopping, family and panicking when you look at your bank balance.

There are so many deals and sales out there for gifts at the moment but are they as good as they look? Here are some tips on how to watch the pennies this Christmas:


You’ve got the slippers for Mum, The mug for Dad, the socks for your Brother and the perfume for Nanny Claris. Then you spot the golf boxers that will be perfect for Uncle Bob, the chocolates for Aunty Gladys and the hand warmers for the neighbour’s best friend.  You get home and realised you have purchased way more that you planned to.

Solution: Write a list and stay firm with yourself.  If the person is not on the list don’t buy it. Stick to a budget, if you had planned to spend £10 and actually spend £30 that is a big difference.  Remember it’s not the cost of the gift it’s the thought.

3 for 2 deals

Buy two get one free!  Cheapest item free!

Is this really a good deal? In some cases yes but in other instances the prices of the items are bumped up by the company. Think about it: would you spend £10 on a make up set that normally cost £5 in order to get a deal that means you have saved £5 on 3 items but you have spent an extra £10?


Good old buy one get one free.  Fantastic if it’s an item you know you are definitely going to buy, a strain on your shopping bag if you wouldn’t.

Gift wrap

“Would you like that gift wrapped for just £2?”

Professional gift wrap services look amazing because that little bit of patience and practice has gone into it but if you say yes to gift wrapping the 10 presents you have already purchased that’s an extra £20 onto your receipt.

A little time, a giant roll of wrapping paper and some ribbons can make any present look amazing.

Food shop

You had an amazing Christmas but afterwards your cupboards are full of Danish cookies, crackers, crisps, chocolates and everything else you are not going to eat for a very long time(including that giant bag of sprouts in the freezer). The reason: you went mad at the supermarket 2 days before crimbo falling for the signs telling you what you had to get.

Here is where a list comes in handy again.

Most shops are closed around Christmas, so yes; you will need to add extra milk to your shop but you need think carefully about your purchases.  Do you need 5 tubes of crisps or will one do? Are the three giant tubs of chocolates you have already enough? Will everybody at the table eat the extra veggies you are buying just because it’s Christmas? Go with your first answer.

Don’t get stuck in the mad dash. There is no need to panic buy on the 23rd. Add a few extra items into your regular shop each week in December and you will find that your Christmas spread will be ok and you have spread the cost too.

Stay calm

There are many other things you can do to watch the pennies this Christmas just remember that it is one day.

A loan with us will enable you to spread the cost this Christmas for the big purchases but don’t find yourself short after the impulse buys.

If you struggle to budget a change account may be useful for you. Just £1 per week means you have the tools to budget right at your fingertips and can get cash back on your purchases too!

Merry Christmas!