A guide to Affordable UK holiday for you and your family!

As the summer draws nearer, the urge for a getaway grows for many of us. In dreaming of long-distance destinations, a holiday may appear out of reach, but many of us overlook what the UK has to offer! This article will give some examples of just how affordable a staycation could be for you and your friends and family!

The Family and Friends Railcard could be a good option for UK travel destinations accessible by rail. Once purchased for a one-off £30, the railcard offers great discounts and lasts for a year, potentially covering more than one trip away!

The Rail Card gives a 1/3 discount for up to four adults, potentially saving a good amount on a long distance trip. The card also offers 60% off for up to four children between 5 and 15 years old.

These discounts mean that after a few trips, or a long distance trip, the £30 payment could easily have paid for itself. You could also pay £70 to have the railcard for three years, offering great discounts for a further two years.

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An even more hassle-free approach could be to go for a coach holiday with a company offering services from the West Midlands such as Harry Shaw, Leons or Shearings.

These companies provide flexible pick up locations and a wide range of destinations, offering deals which tie together your transport and accommodation. You can rest assured that the accommodation offered has been tried and tested by the travel company and its users on many occasions before!

Not only are these deals reasonably priced, but they also offer a chance for families to get away without the need to drive – saving on petrol, parking and the stresses of driving in a new area.


Leons Holiday


Air BnB is a fairly new alternative to the traditional and often expensive hotel route. With vacancies across the UK, the Airbnb website allows you to book private rooms as well as whole apartments or properties.

As a family or group of friends, you can be charged one price for the whole apartment, allowing you to split the price between you. On the website you can search for properties by location and for properties covering up to sixteen guests, so the more the merrier!

Air BnB is slightly different to a hotel in that you will be assigned a “host”, usually the owner of the property, but the website allows you to read reviews of the hosts to make sure they suit your holiday needs.




We hope that these options give you some inspiration for a potential summer getaway in the UK! We also hope to have made any trip more affordable for you, saving you some money and stress along the way. Street UK wishes you and your family a great summer; our next post will cover ways to make a trip abroad more affordable and accessible!