Responsible lending

What is responsible lending?

Everyone claims to do ‘responsible lending’, how can you be sure?

Street UK has a proven history of providing access to finance for people who usually would not get credit from Banks and Building societies and may not understand the true cost of online loans.

As a responsible and ethical lender, your financial health is important to us and we guide all we do by the following principles:

  • To be transparent and honest.
  • To treat you fairly and with respect.
  • To provide you with clear, understandable information.
  • To deal with you in a professional and courteous manner.
  • To treat your personal information as confidential and in accordance with Data Protection legislation.
  • To ensure the cost of credit only reflects the cost of providing the service.
  • To make certain that we do not over commit you by approving credit.
  • To be considerate in the treatment of payment issues and arrears.

With the introduction of the FCA price cap in January 2015, online lenders have had to limit what they can charge and undertake affordability assessments, besides becoming more transparent with the true cost of their credit. Street UK loans have been doing all these things for years in our branch based lending operations.

Since 2000 we have helped thousands of people access affordable credit and we are now transferring this approach to an online lending service. We will only lend to you if you have demonstrated affordability and we believe that by lending to you we are not indebting you beyond your means. In cases where we cannot help with providing you with credit we will try to explain why, and where applicable signpost you to debt advice and support.

Considering applying for credit is not a easy decision, as a responsible lender we kindly ask that you;

  • Assess your current personal and financial situation prior to making an application.
  • Provide accurate and complete information on your application.
  • Understand and agree to the terms and conditions on which the money is lent.
  • Contact us when you need further advice or support.