About our direct debit loans

At Street UK we offer a wide range of direct debit loans from pay weekly to same day. We offer loan amounts from £200-£2000. Our customer base is wide and our loans are not approved by humans, not computers

  • Fair

    We are a non-profit, community lender. We only charge what we need to cover the cost of providing our service. We never overcharge our customers or lend to those unable to make repayments.

  • Affordable

    We are cheaper than doorstep lenders, pawnbrokers, high-cost online lenders and expensive money-shops. There are no unnecessary extra charges or costs.

  • Community

    As a Social Enterprise and community lender, Street UK has no shareholders, and profits go back into investing in the community. We strive to support the communities we operate in however we can.

  • Transparent

    As an ethical lender we are open about our costs and provide financial services for the benefit of our customers. There’s no surprise interest or hidden charges with a Street UK loan.

  • Simple

    We pride ourselves on being simple and straightforward. Our loans are simple to apply for, easy to understand and straightforward to pay back via direct debit.

How are Street UK different?

Our loans are designed according to the needs of our customers. Everything we do is to ensure we can offer a better option than more expensive loan alternatives. We offer same-day approval and the loan can be in your bank account within 24 hours, barring weekends and bank holidays. Our direct debit loan method means it is as easy as possible to make repayments. Unlike doorstep collection or CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) loans, we simply collect your repayments weekly via direct debit. It’s safe, easy and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that it is taken care of.

What's unique about us?

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Affordable repayment and terms
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Money in the account within 24 hours once your loan is approved - We usually pay the same day
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Easy and Fast application system

Our Mission

As a community lender, our mission is to offer an affordable alternative to high-cost loan providers on a sustainable basis. We are transparent in our pricing and responsible in our lending when providing a same day loan. Whether you are an in-branch customer struggling to obtain finance from expensive money shops, or an online customer looking for the best APR,  we aim to offer the best personal loan for you.


We will only consider providing you with credit if we believe you can afford it. A core part of our lending ethos is affordability, and we won’t lend to you if we believe it would negatively impact your financial health.

If we can’t provide you with credit, we will explain why, and offer you helpful advice and support.

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