7 things that were cheaper when we were kids

Miss the good old days when you could buy a Freddo and a Mars Bar for 25p? So do we. Sure, life was much simpler when we were kids, no need to worry about bills or work or how long to wait before replying to that text. And to top it up, many of the things we love (then and now) were much cheaper then – as we can see on this list:

1 – Freddo

Gone are the days when you could buy a Freddo for 10p – yes, that’s how much it costed back in 2000. The little chocolate frog already reached the exorbitant price of 25p and is set to go up to 38p by 2030. That’s not to mention the weight reduction from 20g to 12g. Yes, my friends, we’re paying more than twice the price for nearly half the chocolate. It is time we start a riot.

2 – Mars Bars

And just when you thought “Ok, so Freddos are expensive, I’ll turn to the next best thing, I’ll have a Mars Bar instead”, life comes and gives you one more shocking truth – Mars Bars, which used to cost 29p in 2000 now cost 60p – and they too have shrunk, from 65g in 2002 to a mere 51g now.

3 – Teabags

Time to brew a nice cuppa? A box of 80 teabags, which used to cost 46p back in 2004, now can’t be found for less than £2.

4 – Milk

Add a bit of milk to that cuppa, and…wait, has milk gone up to? Yes, it has. A pint of milk costed 30p in 1990. 45p is the average price now.

5 – Beer

If a cup of tea is getting too pricey, we might as well go straight to a pint of beer, right? Wrong, a pint of beer in London costs an average of £3.92. In 1988, the average price was 99p.

6 – Fish and Chips

Street UK - Fish and Chips - 7 things that were cheaper when we were kids

That’s no beer for us then. How about popping to the chippie? Has that become more expensive too? £4.50 is the UK average price for a portion of a national favourite – Fish and Chips. In 1995, you could have the very same dish for £1.68.

7 – Cinema Tickets

Enough of this harsh reality, let’s see a film and forget about that. Except cinema tickets have also become much more expensive. In 2000 you could check out the newest blockbuster for £4.40. Today the average price for a cinema ticket has almost doubled up to £9.04.

And this is before the popcorn.


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