6 things you should wait to buy after Christmas

It’s an universal feeling: the regret when you have just spent loads on Christmas and see prices drop right after it’s gone. To prevent you from being caught in that trap, we’ve made a list of things that are better priced after Christmas.

6 things you should wait to buy after Christmas

Wrapping paper

All that Christmassy wrapping paper needs to go now that Christmas is gone, but hey, you’ll have gifts to wrap again next year. Buy wrapping paper on sale after Christmas and save money next Christmas!

That’s not all – tape and Christmas cards will probably be on sale too.

Christmas decorations

From artificial Christmas trees to lights, tinsel and baubles, stores want to get rid of as much stock as they can. Enjoy the days right after Christmas to snatch some deals and make sure you win the neighborhood Christmas decorations competition next year.

The fairy lights can also add a nice touch to the house during the dark Winter days, so why not?

Gift sets and toys

The same goes for gift sets and toys. Retailers need to sell their excess stock. If you won’t see some of your family and friends until after Christmas Day, it might be worth leaving to buy their gifts after, as you’ll find reduced prices all around.

You can also stock up on gifts for other special occasions throughout the year.

Winter clothes

Winter coats, boots, hats and gloves are usually hard to find on Black Friday or Christmas deals, but you’ll definitely find them on offer in January. That is the best time to buy Winter clothes for next year, it’s when retailers need to turn around their stock to make room for the next season collections.

Electronic gadgets

Deals for electronics are pretty good on Black Friday, as we explained on this post, but they can be just as good after New Year too. From TV’s to Cameras, from tablets to video games, these ever so popular gifts go on sale right after the Christmas shopping fever is over.


Yes, food. In January everyone seems to want to stick to their New Year’s promises and the demand is up for health foods. To make way for this, traditional Holiday items such as cheese, pies, chestnuts as well as baking supplies go on sale. Remember you can always freeze some of those ingredients to use up over the next few months.