5 steps for simple and stress free complaints

Did you know that for every customer who complains there are 26 other unhappy customers who remain silent?

Maybe that’s because complaining can be stressful and complicated. We’ve all been there – a bill that was charged twice, a retailer that refused to replace an item you just bought but didn’t work as expected… And when it happens, we want to complain, but that can be quite complicated – getting through to someone on the phone can take a long time and in many cases they can’t solve the issue for you, writing an e-mail can be quicker, but you never know if you’ll even get a reply.

An online platform called Resolver promises to take the stress out of complaints for you. It only takes 5 easy steps to send your complaint and follow it up:

  1. Choose who your complaint is with – from energy providers to trains, councils and high street shops, more than 20.000 companies are registered and if a company is not on their list, you can add it yourself.
  2. Choose what issue best describes your complaint from a list – or add your own.
  3. Choose what type of problem you had and read your rights related to that issue
  4. Create an account – you can sign in with Facebook or Twitter too – and fill the complaint form provided by Resolver
  5. Review and submit your complaint

The service is free of charge and you can file as many complaints as you want, follow up on previous complaints and keep track of existing complaints.

From the beginning, they’ll explain your rights to you, provide you with e-mail templates and record all communication, creating a case file. Resolver works with a number of Ombudsmen to escalate your complaint if that’s needed – and they send your case file to the relevant Ombudsman if that happens.