4 weeks at Street UK: life inside the affordable finance company

Hi, I’m Keisha and I’ll be stepping to give you your blog post for this week. Although I don’t have any handy money saving tips and tricks, what I do have is even better … all the inside gossip from Street UK! So grab a cup of tea, sneak a biscuit (or two) and read on.

Keisha has done a Summer placement with Street UK

On my first day I spent the morning at Street UK’s high-street branch in Dale End. The staff were so friendly and there was a welcoming atmosphere – two things I’m sure most of you already know. I got to sit through two loan applications and even though one was unsuccessful, it was brilliant to see that the process didn’t stop there. The customer received advice on how they could improve their credit file and who they could contact about their debt problems.

Since then, I’ve been hovering around the Marketing Department (I don’t think anyone has realised I don’t work here yet) and getting to know the people behind the scenes. For a company that gives over £2 million in loans every year, I was expecting a few more than roughly 25 people to be working in Head Office. It made me realise just how hard they all must work to keep Street UK lending to those who need it most.

My four weeks are up and I’m sad to be leaving. Most of my time has been spent looking at the real impact of Street UK in their customers’ lives and believe me when I say the work they do is so important. Be sure to read their first Social Impact Report to find out for yourself.

I’ve learnt so much about Street UK and the people they lend to, and they should be proud to know that they’re working to make society better.