Please note that Street UK has now ceased to trade.



Richard Tonks and Kim Richards of BK Plus Limited have been instructed to assist with the Members’ Voluntary Liquidations of the Street UK Group.



If you have any questions, which are not covered by the frequently asked questions, please email


1. What happens to any money I borrowed which hasn’t been paid back yet?

If your loan is unsecured, Street (UK) C.I.C Ltd has made the decision to write off any existing debt as “forgiven” meaning you no longer owe Street (UK) C.I.C. Ltd any further repayments.
However, if your loan is secured against your home with Street UK Homes Limited, your loan has been transferred to a new lender. We have written to every borrower with a secured loan to confirm the details of the new lender. The new lender will continue to collect any monthly repayments that you are due to make on your loan from August 2023.


2. Is there anything I need to do?

All updates to your loan account and credit file will be completed by Street (UK) C.I.C. Ltd. No action is required from yourself.


3. Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit with my bank?

We will automatically stop collecting Direct Debits from your bank account after 16th June 2023. You will not need to contact your bank.


4. When will my last payment be taken from my bank account?

All payments AFTER the 16th June 20232023 will stop.


5. I still have a Flex advance available on my loan account. Can I take this?

Unfortunately, no. The Company is being closed down and all lending has therefore ceased.


6. Can I still access my Customer Portal?

Unfortunately, No. The Company is being closed down and therefore access to all Street UK platforms will be terminated.


7. How will my loan show on my credit file?

All your Street UK repayment history leading up to June 2023 has already been updated on the Credit Reference Agency files. After June 2023 your loan account will show as ‘Settled’.

Please note if you have had any adverse history on your loan before this date this will still remain however, the new “Settled” status will not have any new negative impact on your credit file.


8. Is my local branch still open?

Street UK head office and branches will be closed.


9. A 3rd party is helping me pay my debt with Street UK (Debt Management company/Insolvency company). Will this stop?

Your balance will be reverted to ‘settled’ and we will not be accepting any payments from 3rd parties.


10. I have a complaint raised pending with Street UK. What will happen?

All complaints will be resolved and a response letter will be sent you within the 8 weeks you have been informed of under Street UK’s Complaints Scheme.